Life is an adventure, right? Life is full of great joy and much happiness, correct? Yeah, yeah, yeah… sometimes we get some happiness and joy out of life, but much of the time the adventure of life turns out to be little more than a big pile of stinky CRAP! Not that the stinky crap is really that bad, it’s just kind of, well, stinky, and things that stink often aren’t much fun to be around, and it’s hard to find a pleasant thing to say about crap, so maybe stinky crap really is that bad.

Hi!  My name is Adventurer Rich.  I recently turned 40 years old and am smack-dab in the middle of my mid-life crisis.  My adventure is to share with you the stinking pile of crap that is life… as well as the tiny bits of happy and joy that surround all the crap.  If rolling around in crap sounds like fun, feel free to join the adventure.

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