Another Panhandle Disappointment… Stupid Motivational Books…
Aug 05

I wrote this almost 2 weeks ago while on a plane. I thought I had published it but apparently did not.  So now here it is for… whatever…

Just because I can, I whipped out my Note 2 and started working on a post on a plane traveling sonewhere between 500 and 600 miles per hour up in the clouds.  The family and I are heading to some resort somewhere south of Cancun and I hate flying, so to occupy sone time I’m doing this…

As the turbulence bounces us around and my youngest squeals about how the bouncing is his favorite part and I think about how horrible it would be to plunge to our deaths in this stupid cigar-shaped death trap, we are headed for a relaxing 6-day all inclusive stay at the White Sands Grand Palladium Resort. Of course, I have an aisle seat, so everybody and thier freaking dog bumps my shoulder as they hustle to the the lavatory at the back of the plane.

I hate flying!

Crap.  I think we are descending.  You know, most plane crashes happen during take-off and landing.  We survived getting into the air. Now we just have to wait and see if we can survive the landing.

I hate flying!

If the pilot can safely get this heap on the ground,  the family and I should have a nice holiday. I like saying holiday instead of vacation because it sounds British and those Brits got it going on…  you know, when it comes to holidays and, like, fish and chips…

Crap, more turbulence.

I hate flying!

2 Responses to “Blogging on a Plane Somewhere Over Mexico. ..”

  1. Lee Says:

    Too short, but better than nothing. Hope you had a great holiday. I just had one a couple months back and already feel like I need another, more permanent holiday.

  2. Adventurer Rich Says:

    I know. I think that is what retirement is supposed to be: a permanent holiday. In our situations, I’m thinking the permanent holiday comes with death…

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