Help a Preschooler!!!

A friend of mine runs a state preschool in North Platte, NE. The preschool is funded with grant funds, which are in short supply this year. The friend has made a video for a contest that could help get her preschool $300 in winnings to help pay for supplies. If you happen to stumble across this and would like to help some preschoolers out, please visit the following link, register (you don’t have to buy votes, you get 20 free just for registering), and cast your 20 votes for the Lincoln Preschool video. They are getting really close to winning some much needed funds! The voting ends tonight (10/5/2011) at midnight (central time).

Thank you in advance for helping a preschooler out 🙂

3 thoughts on “Help a Preschooler!!!”

  1. I came really close to calling you at like 10 at night to have you vote. I was watching them and it was kind of neck and neck right up until the end 🙂

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